Personal Astrology Consultation

Astrology Consultation – In Person

Various Astrology Consultations are available below. A time slot will be arranged for an online meeting with me via skype or phone. Alternatively, you can meet me in person should you be in the same area. A recorded session will be sent to you after the consultation session. Appointment date/time will be arranged via email correspondence.


Birth Chart Astrology

This is the basic Vedic Astrology Chart for all purposes. It is the First Horoscope Birth Chart that you require. You will need this Vedic Astrology Predictions on your Birth Chart Interpretations for all purposes as this reflects your entire life and encounters. Birth Chart Astrology calls for everything that has happened to you and will continue to impact you for the rest of your life. An interpretation of your life for the next 12 – 18 months will be revealed to you in this consultation.


Astrology About Marriage, Find Your Life Purpose, Karma and Destiny

This is a special section of your Vedic Astrology Chart. It covers your marriage aspects, karma and destiny in this life, especially the second part of your life using the Marriage Chart (Navamsha chart). This section originated from your Birth Chart Astrology and it is imperative that your Birth Chart Interpretations is done first. It will show you what your fruits of harvest in this life are and your final goal and destination in this life. It can show you your karma and fate in this life no matter you are single or married for this interprets your second part of your life. After your Birth Chart Interpretations is done, get your Marriage Counselling Online here. This will also give you insights to your current marriage or your future marriage.


Wealth and Money

This is another special section of your Vedic Astrology Chart. It will dive deep into your Birth Chart Interpretations and concentrate on your Career sector of your Horoscope Birth Chart, including the Career Chart if necessary (Dashamsha chart). If you do not know what you should do to earn a living, this is the consultation to get! After your Birth Chart Interpretations is done, get your Career Counselling Online here. It will show you the potential career that will empower your life purpose and gives you fulfillment in your work. In addition, it can also show you the way that money works best for you. It will show you the money!



This is a consultation specially built for your children, including use of the Children Chart if necessary (Saptamsha chart). It will gives you the insight to when children can be best expected in your life using your own birth chart. It shows you how your children will turn out to be in life. You can choose to use your own birth chart for this to find out more about your children. Alternatively, if you have children already, you can use your child’s birth chart for analysis.


Personal Astrology Consultation

Do you have a compelling question to ask me? Do you need a special consultation? If you do and you need a personal consultation from me, please choose this option. Please fill in the information and send your question or special consultation request to me.

Cannot afford the time or in a different time zone?

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