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Albert Einstein: The 8th House

Albert Einstein Chart Reading

Albert Einstein: The 8th House

The fearsome 8th house is well-known to be the most unfortunate house. People have feared this as the house of death and transformation. While the house is an extremely powerful house, we can debunk this with the chart of Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein has Mars and Rahu in the 8th house of Capricorn. Einstein himself is a Gemini Ascendant which denotes the intelligence and quick-wittedness of the Mercury prowess. While Mercury is situated in the 10th house of Pisces debilitated, it is very much lifted up by Venus exalted in the same house. His Mercury is thus very strong together with Venus. As Mercury is the smart-witted, his Venus is the ruler of this 5th house of the mind and intelligence. His intelligence is all the more powerful.

8th house itself is the house of research. Mars as the smart sharp intelligent planet situated strongly exalted in the 8th house will give Einstein extreme research ability. Not to mention that Mars is conjunct Rahu the planet of obsession that made Einstein absorbed his life in the research area. With exalted Mars with Rahu, his Rahu is definitely powerful. To double the power of Rahu, we look at the dispositor of Rahu which is Saturn in the 10th house. Saturn is strong in the Kendra 10th house, very much lifted up by the exalted Venus in the 10th house. Both indicators of Rahu shows that his Rahu is extremely strong as well and is very much impacted by Saturn in the 10th house. This can mean that he is going to be working in the research field of the 8th house with such a Saturn.

It was Einstein who invented the equation E=MC2 and that a large amount of energy could be released from a small amount of matter. Einstein led other scientists to the invention of the atomic bomb. This is the chart of one of the smartest man in history and this is only a snippet of the power of 8th house.

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